"Be Paid To Be You"? What is this all about??

A summary of this 3-month intensive program brought to you by Gemma Serenity

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is an award-winning entrepreneur who is helping a dozen of businesswomen per month to create successful and fulfilling online businesses based on their passion and soul calling, that is divinely aligned with them. Her program, "Be Paid To Be You", teaches participants how to use their unique gifts and talents to create an online business that is both profitable and fulfilling, attracting high-paying clients on repeat like clockwork.

During the unfolding of this 3-month intensive program, she also helps participants to release any limiting beliefs or emotional baggage that is holding them back from success, releasing past trauma, that sometimes stems from past lives as well.Gemma Serenity is a highly-gifted intuitive business and life coach who accomplishes her soul-calling by helping you accomplish yours.

  • Julie B.: "As soon as I signed up with Gemma, I already got my first high-paying client. Every time I have the chance to be with Gemma in the same virtual room, I feel that we are speaking at different levels simultaneously. She is a true intuitive business and spiritual coach whom I highly recommend. Oh! And she gracefully receives feedback, implementing the changes I suggested."

  • Angela C.: "Gemma is a true technology wizard who blends spirituality and business as one and the same thing, sometimes focusing on getting your website up to date and then focusing on reframing how you understand your deepest soul calling."

  • Christine J.: "I signed up with Gemma with the promise of getting the online business of my practic up and running and I ended up healing my deepest inner wounds and trauma from my youngest age, many decades ago. This is a truly transformational experience that I recommend to everybody."

  • Tracy L.: “Gemma creates a safe space for my growth and my healing, allowing me to work past my insecurities and traumas, so that I finally am able to show up as the wonderful and capable businesswoman I really am.

If you are looking to create a online business that is both profitable and fulfilling, schedule an intro call with Gemma Serenity to validate if this program is the right fit for you

About Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Rising After Abuse

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is an award-winning entrepreneur, advocate, and a beacon of hope for individuals who have experienced domestic violence.

With a remarkable journey of overcoming adversity, Gemma has established herself as a leader in empowering women to make progress in their lives mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Her story is one of resilience, transformation, and inspiration, making her work a force for good.

Abusive and toxic relationships

Born and raised in the French-speaking of Switzerland, Gemma endured domestic violence with 2 different people, resulting in 15 years of physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

This harrowing experience, however, did not define her. Instead, it fueled her determination to change her life and the lives of others who have suffered similar fates.

In 2014, Gemma made the courageous decision to leave everything behind, including her two children, to start anew in the United States.

Despite the initial challenge of not speaking the language well enough, she successfully reclaimed her life with the support of her third, last, and dream husband, Sascha Gorokhoff.


Gemma’s professional background is as diverse as it is impressive. She has 25 years of experience in several fields, including tax accounting and transformational life coaching.

Her education includes prestigious institutions such as MIT, NYU Mindfulness, Kellogg, Chicago Booth executive education, and IMD, which has been ranked #1 for 12 consecutive years by Financial Times.


Gemma's talents extend beyond her work as a transformational life coach and advocate. She is a gifted musician with a passion for creating beautiful melodies across various instruments.

Causes Gemma Cares About

She actively participates in animal rescue organizations with her husband,

Sascha Gorokhoff.

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Cell 424-384-3393

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